Hubbub Late Spectacular

The Hubbub Late is a free event featuring a range of works inspired by and demonstrating the research of our numerous collaborators. The Late has been curated by James Wilkes, poet, Associate Director of Hubbub and Senior Researcher with the Department of Geography at Durham University. Hubbub thank Natalie Coe of Wellcome Trust and staff of Wellcome Collection for their support in planning the event. Please direct any queries to Hubbub’s Project Coordinator and producer of the Late, Kimberley Staines.

Friday 4 September | 19.00-23.00

— The event description follows —

Hubbub: Friday Late Spectacular at Wellcome Collection,

Join us to explore noise, tumult, rest and relaxation.

What does ‘rest’ mean to you? Join the Hubbub team to investigate rest and its opposites: from daydreaming and doodling to fidgeting and lullabies. Explore the meanings of noise, tumult, activity and relaxation through talks, performances, films, installations and workshops taking place throughout Wellcome Collection.

The Hubbub team will take over the building to present their innovative research on rest and busyness, so catch a talk on the latest discoveries about what your brain’s up to when you’re doing nothing, or lie back on Freud’s couch and take a moment to free-associate. Experience a live stream of sound from around Heathrow airport and listen to new performances by poets, musicians and radio artists.

From a documentary about an ape retirement home to a workshop where you can try out historical relaxation techniques, this is an evening that will transform how you understand rest.

This is a special late-night event with a bar running all night.

This event is FREE. Drop in any time. Tickets for the scheduled talks and some larger activities will be available from Wellcome Collection on the night of the event only.



  • Fantasy and Fictionwith social scientist Felicity Callard and poet James Wilkes
  • Free Time and Mindwanderingwith psychologists and authors Claudia Hammond and Charles Fernyhough
  • Mapping Rest with neuroscientist Daniel Margulies and anthropologist Josh Berson


  • Hear contemporary lullabiesand add to a collaborative collection
  • Interested in new technology and tracking how you rest?Learn about mapping alertness and environment through self-tracking
  • Experience variations of relaxation and cacophonywith a brand new audio piece from radio collective In The Dark
  • Put rest to the testas you investigate some of the methods used by scientists to measure rest and its opposites
  • Join the debate. What’s wrong with work? We want to hear your thoughts…

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